Expanded Knots

It was once believed that the building blocks of the universe were “knots in the ether”. Although long since disproved, my research into String Theory leads me time and again to a tabulation of mathematical knots. I like them; they are what lie at the bottom of my internet black holes. I expanded the knots using systemic mark-making and subsequently model making, each variation seemed to conjure up images that I recognise from nature. The drawings reconcile my attempts to visualise complex theory and my experience of nature in the physical world.

A collection of found natural ephemera and handmade objects in the studio help me explore 3-Dimensional form in the drawings.  Small sculptural pieces in wire and paper grow out from sources such as mathematical knots and often resemble shells, rocks and oddities gathered from shore lines and forest floors.  I often make preparatory drawings from these objects before embarking on a line drawing such as the Possible Form series.